Letter from the Director

I am often asked why I have chosen to organize and direct a 5K in remembrance of Jackson.  There is truly no simple answer, nor one that seems to satisfy the inquiring mind.  The simple truth is God laid it upon my heart and I listened.  I have been fortunate enough to have some very incredible people come along side me and create an event that is even greater then I had envisioned.

To give you a brief background, I am a 911 Operator/Police Dispatcher with Bucks County. I have always been very involved in my community. I have coached little league, directed kids camps, and I was a member of the Pennridge Youth Aid Panel.  Most importantly, I am a single mom of three fantastic and strong willed children; two daughters ages 9 & 16 and a 22 year old son.  That’s who I am, but the run isn’t about me.

Let me introduce you to who the run is about…Jacksons’ family, the Cole’s.  Jeremy Cole is a Warminster Township Police Officer, Andrea a Visual Arts Teacher at Council Rock and Makenna, at the age of 6, is a budding photographer.  Sadly, in May of this year, the Cole family was devastated by their son Jackson’s accidental drowning in a neighbors pool.  CPR was started right away, 1st responder’s on the scene did all they could and Jackson was transported to Doylestown Hospital and then to CHOP where he put up a good fight.  Unfortunately Jackson lost his fight, on June 4th, with his family by his side.

There are no words to describe what the Cole’s have been through, what they have had to endure.  It is my hope that through this 5K, they witness a community come together to support them, to show them that they are not alone.  Our foundations focus this year is to alleviate the financial stressors so that the Cole’s can focus on healing as a family.  The following are the ways in which we intend on doing this, as well as honoring Jacksons’ heroes;

  • Cover any medical bills not covered by insurance
  • Set up a fund for future counseling needs of the family
  • Donation to CHOP

I mentioned earlier that I have had some incredible people come along side me.  I am going to take this opportunity to thank them; Darren Meehan, Ben Yarrington, Beth Lynch, Jess Bloomingdale, Tiffany Donahue, Sean Donohue, Karen Machado, Kelly Venezial, Debra Bacak and Kelly Moyer.  This team has worked together to make this 5K a reality, to get it off the ground and running (no pun intended). I am so grateful and the Cole’s are truly blessed to have such a great support system. Now all we need is you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and your consideration in supporting our foundation in whatever way you can. I can speak for all of us in saying we truly appreciate your willingness to step up with us and support the Cole’s during this time.



Mary Broda
Race Director
Jackson’s Heroes’ 5K Foundation